Tissot Classic Dream T033.410.26.011.01 Men’s Watch


Apart from being my next-door neighbour, my friend Jimmy and I were very close. You can say we grew up together, went to the same school by the river in Athlone, Ireland. You might wonder what any of this has to do with the Tissot Dream watch. Patience my friend, I’ll get there.

Jimmy and his wife Emma, had a son Ethan who, was a quite sort of lad; he stayed home, studied, did his homework, stayed out of trouble and, pretty much kept to himself. Myself and my wife were close to him too, in fact; when he was small, his parents would leave him at our home if they had to go someplace.

Academically, he was Ethan somewhere near the top so, I wasn’t surprised when Jimmy told me his son managed to register at the Athlone Institute of Technology. We even had a little “send-off” party.

Time flies they say. Next thing I knew, Ethan had graduated and was recruited at the campus itself into one of the large automobile manufacturers. Two years later, i.e. last week, I heard a car drive up to our house and honk a couple of times. I opened the front door as just as Ethan was getting out of his new acquisition – a large rugged looking car.

TissotTurns out, the car wasn’t new; but that’s Ethan for you – he had his father’s wisdom. He purchased a “as good as new” car for a third of the price of a new one. As Ethan proudly showed us his new car, I noticed that the watch he wore, was still the same one he had purchased while in college. So, I thought, why not gift him a new watch?

Knowing Ethan, I knew he would like something simple – something elegant but simple; without the fancy sub-dials, chronograph, a dozen buttons and so forth.

The watch I selected was the Tissot classic dream T033.410.26.011.01 You can see it here: https://www.citywatches.ie/product/tissot-classic-dream-t033-410-26-011-01-mens-watch I’d call it a simple Tissot classic.

The watch had a brilliant white dial and raised hour markers which were gold plated. The hour and minute hands too were gold plated and nicely designed too. The date window was at its traditional location. The watch came with a nice genuine leather strap of black colour and the case was stainless steel. The entire watch looked very elegant, simple and yet, pricey; all in one go. And of course, the watch is Swiss made so quality is beyond compare. I felt this watch would be perfect for Ethan. At €150, the price was perfect too. A classic Tissot watch at this price? Awesome!

Three days later, I presented the watch to Ethan – the tight long hug he gave me, said it all.