There will always be people who prefer a style that belongs to a few years or decades past. These styles tend to be simple but elegant and when it comes to wrist watches. None make it better than Tissot.

Our Human Resource Manager was nearing 58 and she had just been promoted to the position of CPO – Chief Personnel Officer. She would be in-charge of 11,200 staff of a fortune 500 company. She had arranged a small party for her immediate colleges and as her personal assistant, that included me.

I felt obliged to buy her a small congratulatory gift; not too expensive but not too cheap either. My wife suggested a wrist watch. I wondered what sort of design would appeal to a 58-year-old lady? Rather than waste my time pondering over it, I asked my wife to search for a suitable wrist watch online; something in the range of €250 or so. I felt that as a woman, my wife would be in a better position to select something appropriate and appealing.

After searching for a few hours, my wife emailed me a link for the watch she felt was ideal. The link led me to a and more specifically, to the Tissot T-Lady Lovely Square t058. t0581091603100 quartz analog women’s watch. Looking at it, I felt my wife had certainly got it right.

I felt the square design and sheer elegance of the watch would appeal to my boss It had a retail price tag of €287 but was being sold at €225 so, well within budget too.

20[A1] mm across in a stainless-steel case connected to a blue leather strap. It sported a simple white dial with silver hands and hour markers. Simple, yet highly elegant. It had a analog display and was powered by Quartz movement and a battery. The crystal was Sapphire and scratch resistant. With a 100-meter water resistance, she could dive off the spring-board and the highly elegant Tissot T-Lady Lovely Square t058. t0581091603100 quartz analog women’s watch would still keep perfect time.

It had a pull-push crown to adjust the time. No complex sub-dials or buttons to master. The case back was opaque with the brand name and other details mentioned. The elegant blue leather strap had a buckle clasp to ensure it did not fall off.

The Tissot T-Lady Lovely Square t058. t0581091603100 quartz analog women’s watch has “TISSOT 1853” written on the dial face at the upper end and “Swiss made” at the lower end. This was important because the whole value of the watch was in those words. And of course, being a Tissot, the quality was beyond question.

Finally, a word or two about the website itself. I’ve previously bought two watches from this site. One for myself and one for my wife. So, this would be the third purchase. The site stocks most of the major wrist watch brands and also, all the popular models from each of those brands. More importantly, they offer sizeable discounts on almost every watch they sell. So, if you ever need to buy a watch, head straight for