Citizen Eco-Drive EV1000-58A Diamond Accents Analog Women’s Watch


After a tough battle against drug addiction, my brother’s daughter i.e. my niece was at last released from the Galway rehabilitation centre.

The next day after her arrival, myself and my wife went over to visit her. We were a bit shocked at her state; she had lost over half her weight and looked all ‘skin-and-bones’. She was looking pale and sickly but then, I guess that is what drugs do to our body.

Ailbe, my brother’s wife said her daughter had either sold or lost her watch and two earrings. Although my niece looked half of her former self, at least her spirits seemed to be up. The therapy specialist said she could return to college in about a week; that in the meantime, she should concentrate on exercise and eating. “She will good as new” he said.

My brother had already spent a good bundle on his daughter’s rehab and earlier treatment. So, I told him I’d take care of buying a new watch for his daughter Irene.

That evening, logged on to the internet and Googled around loosely searching for Women’s watches. My first instinct was to buy her a nice watch. Then I thought, what if she goes into a relapse and sells this watch too? Instead, why not buy her a simple watch to begin with, wait and watch and then later on maybe on her 18th birthday, get her an upgrade. That sounded like a good plan.

So, next day found me once again on the internet Googling (as it’s called these days) for lady’s watches. My wife and I both wear Citizen watches. These have lasted us several years and are still going strong. They keep good time and still look as good as new. So, I decided to stick with what I know and buy our nice a Citizen’s watch but which one?

I found this website called City Watches here: They seemed to have thousands of watches from dozens of brands. More importantly, they had a huge collection of Citizen watches. Every watch I saw was a fine piece but I forced myself to ignore all the awesome looking ones and instead, concentrate on the ‘ordinary’.

Fortunately for us and our niece, I found a lovely watch, the retail price of which, was over €600 but this site was offering it at under €300. The watch called the Citizen Eco-Drive EV1000-58A Diamond Accents Analog Women’s Watch looked really fantabolus with a little heart-shaped sub-dial and diamonds for hour markers. It had a date display and the watch was a ‘Eco Drive’.

This Citizen watch was 4cm across and fully stainless-steel but looking like silver. I knew my nice would love this one. My wife had reservations on my choice – “It’s too good looking” she said. I agreed “but the price was irresistible” I replied. “If we got a good-looking watch at an awesome price than why settle for a simple watch” I asked, chucking my earlier plan into the bin.

Four days later when the watch arrived, I gift wrapped it and we took it over to my brother’s place. My niece was already looking good, she seemed to have regained some colour and appeared like she might have added a pound or two.

We presented the gift-wrapped watch box to her which she eagerly opened and whopped with joy. Hopefully, she will say recovered and not sell this one too.