Michael Kors Theroux MK8663 Chronograph Quartz Analog Men’s Watch

Michael Kors

It was the 25th anniversary of the company I work for – a company that produced handmade cars for a select list of high net-worth individuals. The company was doing well and so, for its 25th anniversary the management decided to distribute amongst its staff, a special cash bonus.

Obviously, this is not something that happens on a regular basis so, I took the time to ponder over what I should do with the money. There were lots of things that vied for attention but thankfully, being single, women were not amongst them.

Until now, I have been wearing a 20-year old Patek Philippe watch that was gifted to me by my dad on my 18th birthday. I must confess the watch continues to work well but, the chrome has faded and the crystal has accumulated its fair share of scratches and nicks. In short, the watch now looks well; old. So, I decided it was time I bought myself a new watch.

It took me a week before I managed to make it to large watch store in Carlow. There were hundreds of watches some ultra-large, some garish and downright ugly, some with many bewildering features.

I was looking for a men’s watch with a metal bracelet. My Patek Philippe had a leather strap and I’ve lost count of the number of straps I’ve had to buy over the years. A leather strap of course looks nice and elegant but it gets frayed quickly and sometimes just tears apart when I flex my muscles while working at the lathe machine.

Michael Kors Theroux MK8663 Chronograph Quartz Analog Men's Watch

While at the shop, there was one watch that caught my eye – this was the Michael Kors Theroux MK8663 Chronograph Quartz Analog Men’s Watch. It had a lovely gold tone with an off-white dial and yes, a metal bracelet. Personally, I don’t like the gold-plated watches – too garish for my taste. But the gold tone is just right; it’s not exactly gold but white gold.

The Michael Kors Theroux MK8663 Chronograph Quartz Analog Men’s Watch has three sub dials that includes a date dial which incidentally, is in addition to date window. The second hand looks like a medieval arrow and is luminous in the dark – as are the other two hands.

The seconds are marked on the bezel as well as the outer ring of the dial. The bracelet is gold tone stainless steel with a deployment clasp. Wearing the watch, it has a nice heavy feel to it and at 4.5cm diameter, it is just right for my wrist. The watch is quartz and am told the battery should last a “few years at least”.

The watch had a price tag of €300+ so decided to check online and see if I could get myself a bit of a discount and glad I did too, because at Citiwatches.ie the same watch was being retailed at €168 – almost half the store price.

I received the watch with box, warranty and all and have been wearing it to work for this past two months. The watch looks great and has been keeping good time too. The chrono functions are simple to use and effective. Definitely a good buy.

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