Seiko 5 Military SNK809K2-var-NATOS11 Automatic Nylon Strap Men’s Watch

Buying my son, a watch for his eighteenth birthday when he is about to enter the military was easier said than done. My wife had recommended we buy him a watch. But considering the number of models on sale, which brand or model to choose was a big question. Thankfully, my wife had the solution for that too; “ask Sgt. Tommy” she said.

Now Sgt. Tommy’s house was across the street and it was on his advice that our son Liam decided to opt for a career in the military. He had just finished his graduation in mechanical engineering and a career in the Irish military was always on the top of his mind.

Sgt. Tommy O’Sullivan recommended “a tough-as-nails, a simple day-dater with large numerals” as he put it. Looking at my blank face, he laughed and said “wait, let me show you what I mean”. He went to the cupboard and brought a larg-ish watch with a bright nylon strap. It was everything he said; a simple day-dater with large numerals. I turned it over and it had a transparent back with the internal mechanism visible.

Sgt. Tommy explained that it was the Seiko 5 Military SNK809K2-var-NATOS11 Automatic Nylon Strap Men’s Watch. “The nylon stap makes it long strap makes it long lasting and easy to clean. Active military life ensures the automatic mechanism constantly recharges the watch and it never needs a battery. The numerals are large so the time is visible even in the dust or mud and as you can see, the seconds are conveniently printed.”

“A Seiko; Is it expensive?” I asked. “Not at all” He replied and added, “If I recollect rightly, it costs around 150 Euros or so”.

“Don’t say anything more Sgt.” I can see why this is the ideal watch for my young man. I quickly finished my beer and hurried back to my house. Logged into my computer and searched for “Seiko 5 Military SNK809K2 watch”. A few dozen click later, I arrived at

This website had hundreds of brands and thousands of watch models on offer. Fortunately, they also had the Seiko 5 Military SNK809K2 watch. Its full name was the Seiko 5 Military SNK809K2-var-NATOS11 Automatic Nylon Strap Men’s Watch.

It had a retail price of €188 but was being offered at €120. ‘Awesome’ I said to myself and checked out the specs. Stainless steel case, nylon strap, automatic movement, 21 Jewels, scratch resistant Hardlex crystal top, white silver numerals on a black dial, luminous hands and hour markers, day and date display, see through case back and 30M water resistance.

I bought the watch and it arrived a week later in a small box that also had an international warranty in it. My son, God bless him, said he loved the watch and would wear it every day. Being a Seiko, without doubt, it will faithfully keep good time and last him a long time.