Hamilton – The “Nice” Watch


Since 1892, the Hamilton watch brand has been creating history. Being established in the US more than a century ago, it has American roots but in 1974, it was taken over by the Swiss watch company, The Swatch Group. Ever since, Hamilton timepieces have embodied “American Spirit Swiss Precision”.

Hamilton has concentrated its efforts in creating theme-based timepieces ever since the company was founded. They made clocks for the railroad company in the US. The watches were known mainly for their accuracy. The brand started off with making pocket watches in 1912. They were also the official supplier of watches to the US army during the Second World War.

Hamilton’s first wrist watch appeared in 1917. The Hamilton Khaki Field watch was a practical and classic design that would appeal to the military personnel fighting the wars. A simple dial with bold, Arabic numeral hour markers the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch also showed military time, ideal for the servicemen. 

Hamilton watches are created keeping the adventurer in mind. The aviator, the diver or the pilot can find a specific Hamilton model to cater to their particular technical requirements. While Hamilton watches may not be classified as luxury watches, they do offer some superbly crafted luxurious designs. Like the Hamilton Khaki was meant for the servicemen, the Khaki Aviation was meant for pilots and aeronauts. Water sports enthusiasts and professional divers rely on the Hamilton Khaki Navy watch series.

Movie buffs would know that several Hamilton timepieces have featured in Hollywood movies, contributing to the character and the story of the film. The first appearance was in the 1932 film Shanghai Express. Elvis Presley wore the Hamilton Ventura in the film Blue Hawaii. The Hamilton watch made an appearance in the James Bond movies as well. Recent films like Interstellar, Men in Black, Tenet, The Martian and Ocean’s Eleven also featured some of the famous Hamilton watches. Over the century, the Hamilton watch has made an appearance in more than 450 Hollywood films, which is a record in itself.

The brand is also known to make several innovations on the design front. The 1957 Ventura with its very futuristic design apart from the fact that it was the first electrical battery-operated timepiece. In 1972, the Pulsar – the first digital electronic watch made its debut. The Hamilton became truly “Swiss-made” after its manufacturing facility was shifted to Switzerland in the year 2003. While Hamilton watches may not be very affordable for many of us, they are still mid-range watches that are well worth their price.  But they are easily available in the online market at discounted rates. Reputed for their quality construction and great designs, they are popular with folks looking for an affordable Swiss made timepiece.