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Ice watch

During a routine visit to my brother’s place, his daughter, all excited, came up to me and said she was to go to a “new big school from next week”. I congratulated her and asked her if there was anything she wanted – “school bag, drawing kit?” I prompted. “Watch, I want a watch” she said jumping up and down. Of course, my brother tried to quieten her down but then, the cat was out of the bag.

Seems she liked the watch that one of her friends was wearing – a white watch was all she could tell me. So, I told her that the next time she meets her friend, she should memorize the name on the watch.

Couple of days later, she calls me up and says the name on the watch is “ICE”. I ask her a few more questions as to how the watch looks and I receive fairly detailed responses. I shake my head and laugh – my niece never ceases to surprise me.

That evening, as soon as I return from work, I go online and check for ‘white ice watch with white case and white strap’. I laugh as Google instantly responds with thousands of links along with many pictures. It just takes a few seconds to find the right “white ICE watch”.

Turns out, the watch that my nice loved is the ICE Forever Large Quartz 000144. Definitely a nice-looking timepiece. White dial with large silver hour markers, beautifully designed hour and minute hands, a red seconds hand. It also displayed the date. It had an elegant white case with a white silicon strap. All in all, a pretty package. My nice certainly had good taste.

From the links displayed by Google, I visit a website that seems to have dozens of brands and thousand of models. They also seemed to have a lot of discount sales and discount codes – not that it mattered to me; my nieces happiness was more valuable than all the discounts offered. For the curious, the retail price of ICE Forever Large Quartz 000144 was listed at €144 but after discount the watch had a net price of just €85.

The website mentioned that the ICE watch had a Polyamide case with silicon strap, had quartz movement, the watch was capped with a mineral crystal, had a white dial with analog display, unidirectional rotating bezel, a pull/push crown, buckle clasp and 100M water resistance. “wow” I say to myself; even a mermaid would enjoy this watch.

I sent the picture to my niece’s tab and she confirmed that was the one she wanted. So, next evening I ordered the watch (free shipping), and it arrived at my Dublin residence on the 4th day. Nicely packed, with a nice box, international warranty card and most importantly, the watch time and date were already set correctly. All I had to do, was wrap a ribbon around the box.At the weekend, I again stopped at my brother’s place and gave the box to my niece. She of course instantly knew what it was and in seconds had opened the box and was wearing the watch. Wish I could have captured her smile and happiness.

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