Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive XS.1555 Quartz 300M Men’s Watch

Researching for a dive watch, I arrived at this page  City Watches Ireland, displaying the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive XS.1555 Quartz 300M Men’s Watch. Curiosity heightened, I delved deeper into this brand and its history.

Luminox is one of the youngest watch brands in the watch industry. In 1989 Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo introduced the Luminox watch with an aim to offer “cutting-edge luminescence and readability in sports watches”. It’s founder Barry Cohen wanted to create a watch that would be readable even in conditions where there is no light or very low light.

The Luminox watch offered light technology referred to as ‘self-powered illumination system’. You don’t need to expose the Luminox to a light source nor press a button to illuminate it in dark conditions. This was revolutionary technology for any tactical watch.

Constant visibility in any kind of adverse light conditions is the USP of this timepiece. The Luminox Light Technology does not use luminous paint on the watch markings but uses the radio luminescent tritium gas-filled tubes that gives off its own luminescence. Apparently, this gas continues to glow brightly for almost twenty-five years.

The Luminox watch was unlike other tactical watches and hence became the preferred choice for the military personnel, elite forces like the US Navy SEALs, Special Military Forces, Israel, The FBI and police forces of several countries around the world. In fact, Luminox has collaborated with various elite forces to specially design the timepieces to use on different kinds of combat missions. These special operatives find this to be a dependable watch for all their missions in arduous conditions. 

Coming back to the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive XS.1555 Quartz watch.  This is a professional grade diving watch that the brand has collaborated with the underwater explorer, counter-terrorism operative and filmmaker Scott Cassell. This is a true-blue diving watch with all the right specifics meant for deep diving missions.

The Luminox Light Technology works in full swing in this timepiece – the minute hand and 12 o’clock index glow orange while the other indices are in an ambient green, the colour contrast improving the readability, exactly what a professional diver is looking for in a deep dive watch.

This watch also features 300 meters water resistance which is commendable. It comes in a stainless-steel case, a sapphire crystal, date window, screw down crown with a solid case back and a rubber strap which is how a dive watch should be.

Last I checked, City Watches IE  were offering it at €460, 48% down from its marked price. Considering the features, technology, the quality and durability, Luminox watches are at the affordable end of the spectrum. Taking into account huge discounts online stores offer, you have an excellent deal on an amazing timepiece.