Skagen Riis Silver Dial Quartz SKW2914 Women’s Watch

We were just finishing our weekly meeting when I noticed my boss Brea Fisher squinting at her tiny watch. I had no idea what brand it was but it had a blue dial which in itself would have made it difficult for anyone to read the time. The only saving grace was that the watch had four tiny diamonds at the 12’Oclock, 3’Oclock, 6’Oclock and 9’Oclock positions.

Her birthday was coming up at the month-end and I thought why don’t I gift her a nice watch; one that she won’t have to squint at? Brea Fisher has been nice to me and I was promoted twice and, on her recommendation, had received the ‘Employee of the year award’.

The same day evening on my way home, I decided to shop for a nice lady watch. I had no idea of the cost but I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to find an appropriate watch within say €100 or so.

I visited several shops and felt frustrated when I could not find a watch that was large, elegant and cost €100 or so. Either the watches were too tiny or too flashy. Why are watches for women tiny I wondered. It can’t be that they had better eye sight did they?

Back home I went to my study and as was my habit, switched on my laptop to check my emails and see if there were any video messages from my daughter who was studying medicine in Canada. There were none today. On a whim I clicked her Skype id and fortunately for me, she happened to me in her room at the college hostel. So, after the usual pleasantries, I asked her if she could recommend me a watch for my boss Brea Fisher. After thinking it over a minute or so, she asked why don’t I surf the net? “Just Google for large ladies watches and see what you find” she said.

It sounded like a good idea to me and so a few minutes after we wound up our conversation, I did just that. One of the sites that caught my eye was this they had like a zillion watches on sale. Almost all brands were there and I noticed that almost all watches had fantastic discounts.

After a few minutes of searching, I found the Skagen Riis Silver Dial Quartz SKW2914 Women’s Watch. It was a large watch 36mm across to be precise; it had a pristine white dial and gold toned hour markers and hands. In fact, the bracelet too was gold toned. The watch looked beautiful and I felt Brea would like it.

I looked around for similar watches but ones with a diamond or two. Half hour later I gave up not because I did not find any, but because I did not like either the design or the price tags. The Skagen Riis Silver Dial Quartz SKW2914 Women’s Watch apart from looking good, was priced at €110 (after discount).

And so it was that on her birthday, I presented my boss a gift wrapped box containing the Skagen Riis Silver Dial Quartz SKW2914 Women’s Watch. She “woooww” and I could see she liked it. In fact, the same day evening, she insisted I visit their home for a small cake cutting ceremony.