Michael Kors Runway MK6674 Diamond Accents Quartz Women’s Watch

Any wedding anniversary especially the first one is very important. My da told me the wife will not just expect me to remember it days in advance of the event, she will expect me to drop hints on what I was planning and so forth. The more lavish, the better and all women are the same he warned.

So, I was naturally worried. I had to get it right; at least, I had to make it appear to be lavish. I say appear because I am not by any stretch of imagination a rich man. I work in the auto industry and take home a modest pay packet that allows us to have a reasonable life. So, as you might guess, I had set aside a smallish budget of roughly €300. This included the gift and an outing that includes a romantic dinner for two preferably accompanied with some music.

The big question was what to buy Friends suggested everything from a sexy dress to sexy underwear and more. On a whim, I asked my da and he without a moment’s hesitation recommended diamonds. My jaw dropped. I said “da, I don’t have the budget for it.” I said but did not mention that my budget was only €300. “Well, try a nice watch with industrial diamonds”. Now that looked like a promising idea though I wasn’t certain I could buy one in under €200 but I decided to give it a try.

The same weekend I Googled for diamond ladies watches and was pleasantly shocked with the number of hits I received. ‘Way to go da’ I thought mentally thanking my da for his idea.

After visiting a few websites I arrived at this page https://www.citywatches.ie/product/michael-kors-runway-mk6674-diamond-accents-quartz-womens-watch/ that had the lovely Michael Kors Runway MK6674 Diamond Accents Quartz Women’s Watch (retail price €291) being sold for €178. My heart leaped with joy. The watch looked expensive and cool. It was the perfect gift. I quickly scanned the rest of the details. The case was of rose gold stainless-steel with matching rose gold stainless-steel bracelet. It had a scratch resistant mineral crystal and a white mother-of-pearl dial that looked gorgeous.

The Michael Kors Runway MK6674 Diamond Accents Quartz Women’s Watch had a analog display powered by a quartz movement and a battery. The selling point was that it has these awesome diamond accents that sparkled fire like real diamonds. The watch had 50m water resistance and so I guess could be used in a swimming pool. I know my wife would love that. Finally, it was 20m min diameter which I felt was reasonably okay. More importantly, it was only 8mm and therefore sexily slim.

I decided not to dig further and bought the watch. My first wedding anniversary was a smash hit. Thanks to my da for the idea and thanks to citywatches.ie, for the expensive watch that was sold for a throw away price.