Swatch watches – Funky designs – Teenagers love it


I often feel I should buy a bunch of wrist watches for 7-year old daughter; she keeps asking me for a new watch every 6 months or so – regular as a clock I’d say.

Her explanation for requiring a new wrist watch so frequently is quite innovative. Sometimes she’s lost the watch during a school outdoor trip, sometimes she’s loaned the watch to a friend who lost it, sometimes she claims a stone fell on the watch and so forth.

Truth is, I know she hides the “lost” or “broken” watches and wants new ones so as to increase her wrist watch collection. Just the other day I noticed she was wearing a nice Swatch watch which she had earlier claimed was lost during a swimming session in the school pool.

Sometimes I get angry but I don’t vent it because I also remember my own teen days. I wasn’t into watches but hey, we each had our own pet peeves and we thought our parents had no idea what we were up to.

But coming back to my daughter and her collection of Swatch watches, quite frankly; I’m not surprised. Swatch has a good collection of watches sporting funky designs. For example, the Swatch Originals System Pink Automatic SUTR401 Unisex Watch would be loved by any school student who loves chemistry. One look at the watch dial and you will know why.

Then there is the Swatch Originals Red Jacket Analog Quartz SUOT103 Unisex Watch with a matching strap. It has a dial face with two equestrians on horseback or hunters. Definitely a favourite with those who love the sport. The silicon strap too has equestrians / hunters on it and for good measure there a couple of dogs too, featured on the dial. You would readily agree that this would be a very unique design.

A small girl of age 5 years or so, would love the Swatch Originals Astilbe Swiss Quartz GP140 Unisex Watch. It has a pink tone dial with large Arabic numerals in white colour on it. The watch hands too are in white. The whole watch has a pink tone. The watch crystal is plastic and even the strap buckle is plastic. This makes the watch very light-weight and ideal for a small child. Most importantly, it is available for just €68 at

Swatch Originals Astilbe Swiss Quartz GP140 Unisex Watch

The Swatch Originals System Polka Automatic SUTW403 is another watch with a unique dial face. This one has the solar system depicted on the dial face. Any kiddo with a love for astronomy would love this Swatch watch. And, dig this; the hour hand is purple in colour while the minute hand is orange. I just loved this design. It also has a date window at the 6’Oclock position. Awesome!

So, if you have a teenager in the house who hankers for watches, visit and navigate to their Swatch page. This website apart from providing international warranty, offers amazing discount coupons and prices.