Skagen SKW6450 – the perfect gift for my husband


It was my husband’s 35th birthday and I thought I would gift him a watch because believe it or not, the one he was wearing was a watch gifted to him by his (late) father on his 25th birthday. It is a typical nondescript watch of the time with no features other than the displaying the time. Over time, even the crystal had changed colour to a dull yellow and had acquired a few scratches. I decided it was time for another gift of a watch – but which one?

I asked around in my office, was shown various watches that my colleagues had purchased for themselves (or were gifted), and, I received a couple of dozen suggestions. The most common suggestion however, was to check the internet. So that’s what I did.

These days I believe they call it “Googling”. So that’s what I did and found a website – that appeared to have a collection of fine watches of various brands. The watch that caught my eye, was the Skagen SKW6450 men’s watch – a stunningly beautiful design.

The thing that caught my eye was the elegance of the design – stunningly beautiful yet, awesomely simple and supremely easy to read the time, day of the week and date – you get it all at a glance.

The watch is 4 cm across so, decently large but not freakish large if you know what I mean. Nor was it chunky like the kind punks wear these days.  The dial is a lovely shade of blue.

There are thick, silver white hour markers with two thick hour and minute hands which makes it easy to read the time even in dim lighting.

There is the traditional second’s hand that goes about its job with a nice, ‘sold’ ticking sound.

Most impressive is how the day and date are displayed – crystal clear. No squinting required!!! The watch has black nylon straps which I felt were better than leather as they would last longer and are easy to clean.

My husband is a soft-spoken traditional kind of guy and I felt this watch would be just the kind he would love – simple, understate elegance and brilliantly designed. Then I saw the price tag and my heart leaped even more. was offering it at a 33% discount.

I clicked around to make sure this was a genuine product and deal, and then quickly snapped up the watch. It was delivered to my home on the 4th day; Beautiful box and all.

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