Orient Ray Raven II Automatic 200M FAA02006M9 Men’s Watch


After months of online research, I finally accepted the wisdom of my buddies and decided to buy the Orient Ray Raven II automatic watch.

Orient Ray Raven II Automatic 200M FAA02006M9 Men's WatchSure, there were other choices – all of which I rejected. Trust me when I say I studied each and every one of them. In each case either I did not like the design, or there was some essential feature lacking – like no luminescence or no SS bracelet or no mineral glass or no date or not enough water and moisture protection or the dial was too small and so forth.

I felt the Orient Ray Raven II automatic watch was amongst the few watches that the manufactures made keeping the user in sharp focus. It has the bare minimum essentials; visually awesome, totally stainless steel, large dial, large day-date, flawless accuracy, fantastic luminescence, self-winding and water-tight up to 200M.

The Orient Ray Raven II automatic watch is the Ray Raven pedigree which in itself primes you as to the quality you can come to expect. The Ray Raven II is now enhanced with an upgraded 120-click bezel, hand-winding option, 22-jewel and F69 automatic movement. Put together, they ensure the Orient Ray Raven III is an exceptionally reliable timekeeper. Throw in the low price tag and you have a watch that is irresistible.

Orient Ray Raven II Automatic Power Reserve 200M FAA02003B9 Men's WatchWhen much anticipated courier arrived, I called up my buddies two of whom lived next door and they arrived quick – as excited as I was. One of them – Alex, told me to keep in mind that sometimes a watch might take a few days to ‘break in’ and start keeping time accurately.  This happens because the watch has been ‘sitting’ in some box in a warehouse for days or months before it actually gets the prime spot – your wrist. The automatic movement watch, converts your wrist movement to kinetic energy which in turn charges the battery. Simple, and yet, so awesome. Once fully charged, the battery will last for 40 hours so yes, you can go ahead and take that long flight.

The Orient Ray Raven II automatic watch also has an upgraded 120-tick bezel mounted on the 13-mm thick case. Other than its looks and accuracy, there is a reason why all my diver buddies choose the Orient diver’s watch – bezel only rotates counter-clockwise. You might wonder why that is so important. Well, if you were (say) diving 80 meters under the water and had twenty minutes of air in your oxygen tank, you would appreciate knowing the bezel of your watch did not accidentally get rotated backward.

As I gazed at my new Orient Ray Raven II Automatic Watch, I noticed how the day-date window is located at standard o’clock position and is now adjusted via the screw-down crown. The stainless-steal strap felt smooth and has a fold-over, push-button safety clasp. All said and done, the new The Orient Ray Raven II automatic watch while being much better than its predecessor, still retains the original aesthetic appearance. So, would I recommend it? Absolutely – just go for it.

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