Coach Delancey 14502719 Analog Quartz Women’s Watch – turned out to be the perfect birthday gift

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My younger sister and I shared a bond that went beyond that of siblings. We were almost twins except, due to some medical issue, she was born one day after me. We were intensely inseparable and became closest buddies for life.

My sister and I were both gifted watches by our dad for our 12th birthday and so we were both wearing watches that by now looked pretty ancient, worn out, and in urgent need of replacement. For our upcoming grad day, I decided to gift my sister a watch. I needed one for myself too but that could wait.

Both of us went to the same school and college and our graduation was just a few days away. I’m still working part-time at a watch store two blocks from the college campus and that was where I saw a gorgeous ladies watch – and well within budget too.

The watch that I thought would be the perfect gift for my sister was the Coach Delancey. I took a small 6-inch ruler and measured the case – it was just under 4 cm across. Yes, larger than the typical watches most women wear. It had a white dial and beautiful Arabic numerals in gold. Luminescent and well-proportioned gold hands completed the dial.

The case had a brick red leather strap with a buckle clasp that completed the watch. The entire package looked gorgeous and since my sister and I usually had similar thoughts and ideas, I was sure she would love it too.

One advantage of working at the place was that, I had a good idea of the actual purchase price of each watch. Also, it helped that some months back, the store owner had asked me to research the net and note the online prices for every watch sold in the store. I therefore knew that there was at least a 30% difference in brick-and-mortar store verses online retail.

Every Euro counts so, as soon as I got my wages, I visited this online site called that had the best rates for watches. Apart from the discounted price-tag, I also spied upon a coupon discount code that made the deal sweeter. The site assures that each and every watch is genuine and is dispatched with box and an international warranty.

I bought the piece and when it arrived (which was in three days), I carefully checked it out before gift wrapping it. Even added a perfect bow tie.Graduation day was tremendous. We both received our degrees qualifying in pharmacology and both in top 5. That evening, we visited our mom and dad and all went out for dinner. During desert, I presented my sister with the watch and she opened the package and box, gazed at the watch for all of 3 seconds or so before whopping with joy. Her happiness was all that mattered.