Armani Exchange Quartz AX1900 Men’s Watch Goes Well With my White Suit


Last month our new Human Resource Manager at the place I work came up with this (brilliant?) idea of coloured weekends. Meaning, every Saturday we were to wear a colour that he (the HR Manager) would randomly select. The best colour coordinated employee would receive a surprise reward.

Initially we all groaned as it meant updating our personal wardrobes. But two weeks into this new ‘coloured weekend’ attire, I realized this was actually quite a nice thing to happen. Think about it; each week we would wait with excitement for the Saturday to arrive and see who was best colour coordinated. There were jokes to be shared and excitement in the air.

Now you might wonder what all this has to do with Armani Exchange Quartz AX1900 Men’s Watch hmnn? Well, this week the colour our HR manager selected was white. Fortunately for me, a year back I was nominated to be the ‘best man’ at a friend’s wedding and he had gifted me a full white suit for the occasion. The only thing it lacked was a full white watch and a pair of white leather shoes.

The shoes were easy as the neighbourhood shoe store had a good collection of them. When it came to the watch, I, being a bit picky about quality decided to do a search for the best all-white watch and the result of this search was the Armani Exchange Quartz AX1900 Men’s Watch. The only problem was that, the asking price was over € 200/- and so I did another search to find out where I might get it at a discount. Good thing I did too as I found this website where, genuine watches were being sold at factory prices and the Armani Exchange Quartz AX1900 Men’s Watch was retailing there at just € 108/- There was also a 10% discount coupon code advertised on the site which means the watch would be mine for less than hundred Euros. Perfect!

For those of you who are wondering what made me select this watch, well, to begin with, the watch was an Armani. As far as I am concerned, that settles the internal quality part of the equation. Externally, the watch is all-white i.e. it has a whitish stainless-steel bracelet attached to a whitish stainless-steel case that had silver textured dial sealed with a mineral crystal. Totally white and yet I could read the time quite easily as the markers where off-white silver.The only question left on my mind was whether I should go for a white tie or use a different coloured tie (so I don’t look like a ghost 😊).

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